Using Essential Oils for Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica may be an unfamiliar term for some. But it is actually used to describe the symptoms of leg pain which starts in the lower back. And moving to the butt, going down the large sciatic nerve located at the back of the leg. The first sign of this leg pain could still be bearable but overtime, the pain could get worse. Most aging people experience this kind of pain, and most often, it is unbearable. Pains usually are culprits of hazardous falls that might lead to death.  Thus, there are a lot of ways found to treat this leg pain. Some methods available to treat Sciatica nerve pain include putting on an ice pack on the butt, using the heating pad, placing on herbal products on the aching part, acupuncture, massage and putting on herbal infused oils.

Lower back pain extending below the legNatural Relief from Oils

While these methods could be a right way for sciatica pain relief, another efficient way to treat sciatica nerve pain is by using essential oils. These essential oils are different from the herbal infused oils. Essential oils are the pure volatile oil of the plant obtained through a distillation process. Since essential oils come from organic sources, this will benefit seniors who suffer from sciatica.

Essential oils have a lot of uses than you could imagine. You can use it as cleaning aid for the house like an all-purpose cleaner, for cleaning burnt pans, cleaning the carpet, eliminate molds, bathtub scrub, for cleaning the fridge, and even to kill pests. Essential oils are also perfect in maintaining the pleasant smell of the house.

Calming the Pain

Aside from the above mentioned, essential oils also aid in improving sleep since it can alleviate insomnia. It can also be used as lip balm, body butter lotion, and to relieve tension and for immediate relaxation.

When it comes to treating severe health conditions, you can also rely on essential oils to aid in the treatment. These essential oils support the body during chemotherapy and radiation treatment to minimize the after-effect damage of these procedures to the skin and vital organs.

Living the free from sciaticaOn that note, you can very well rely that essential oils are also a surefire way for sciatica treatment and to promote sciatica pain relief. The calming features of these oils could very well untangle the stressed muscles of the leg. And thus heal it from the pain. There are essential oils you can use for relieving muscle pains while there are some who can help bring the swelling down and increase circulation. Some essential oils also help in soothing the whole body and spirit, making the pain less evident.

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