Exclusive Vacations and Luxury Travel for the Wealthy

Vacations are something that everyone looks forward to. A week or a few days of adventure, fun, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Generally, we plan for a vacation well before, so we can grab good deals at a lower price. Even taking time off for a holiday is considered a luxury.

For common people, a vacation entails transport to get to a particular destination and then begins the real holiday with sightseeing and food. Buy the uber-rich vacation differently; they vacation in style. Everything from travel to accommodation and food to experiences is a part of the vacation where a lot of time is spent on the planning.

An article, published in the Forbes magazine mentioned that wealthy people tend to take experiential vacations. The whole package is an experience and can be expensive, as expensive as $42000 per person for an expedition in Antarctica. Of course, this would entail the best experience and accommodations money can buy.

Travel in luxuryWhat do the Ultra Rich look for in a Vacation?


The rich and famous or just the rich seek privacy when they go on vacations. For example, a normal person might love cruises, but the wealthy will just hire a private yacht. They would prefer large, secluded villas to a luxury hotel. These options can provide a lot of privacy and come with style and luxury.

Private chateaus or yachts can cost quite a lot with chefs, valets, and housekeepers to keep the guest satisfied. Even a private island with full service is something that is usual.


Wealthy individuals seek an experience to remember on vacation. The experience can be anything like a trip to space, yes that is true, testing high-performance, limited edition cars or flying MIG fighter jets in Russia that can cost up to $25,000 for a 45-minute ride. Experiencing something exclusive is all that matters.


A personal and private tour of an extremely popular, crowded place or an event at a place that is closed to the public. This what the rich look for in vacations. Normally, people wait in queues to see something that is a big tourist attraction. But you don’t have to do that if you have the dough.

Hassle Free Scheduling

One of the important reasons why smart people don’t like wasting time because for many time is money. Some of them need to travel frequently and cannot wait for the scheduled airline departure time. That’s’ where the private jets and charter plane services play a vital role. Saving you extra time and letting you set your schedule and destination.

New Trend: Private Jet Tours

There is a new trend wherein companies provide vacation packages that are personalized and includes complete travel by a private jet. The wealthy can go on a vacation on a state of the art aircraft that is exclusively at their disposal.

The plane can come with a chef, gourmet food, personal iPads, flatbed seats or beds and an efficient crew that takes care of all your needs. The travel companies provide the best accommodations, food, and sightseeing for their customers.

Private Jet Tour in New York

If you have had your experience of exploring New York city via road and want to fly around the city in a private jet, many private jet companies based in New York provides you personalized holidays at an affordable price. Taking small groups on exclusive tours and vacations to places that have limited access. Get ready for some city hopping with the breathtaking view of your city in all comfort and safety.

Most of the companies cover the pre-existing medical conditions under their Guest Protection Program and also help the travelers in getting the right documents for their travel. All the necessary guidelines on the clothing you need to wear is given to you along with providing services that send your luggage before you for convenience are part of your luxury flight in the charter to New York.

Seattle Private Jet Tours

If you want to see Mt. Rainier face to face and fly past the downtown waterfront across the Seattle’s sky-high buildings, flying in a charter plane would be your best bet to get that perfect click of Space Needle and lake Washington. Allow yourself to explore the city in luxury with private jet experience. There are plenty of private jet companies in Seattle offering excursions in and around the Seattle in light, mid-range to large aircraft.

Private Jet Experience in Dallas

While looking for a luxury flying experience and hassle-free scheduling, private jets serve the purpose at best. Services like the door to door luggage pick up, a physician on the journey, an onboard chef and 5-star dining, all come included in such an experience.

If you have been planning your visit to Dallas, Texas, city-based companies like Million Air Dallas, Jet Linx, etc., are some of the well-known names in the private charter line of business. They have a team of local experts that work to make your journey memorable and suites in hotels that are the best in business.

Comfort and style inside a Boeing business jetReasons to fly on a Private Jet

Aside from vacations, private jets are good for traveling in general, especially when the time is money. A private plane charter may be a bit expensive, but it allows you the flexibility to travel and saves on time. Book yourself a private plan charter to Seattle, Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles anytime, anywhere with the added convenience of scheduling, luggage, and private flying. Following are the reasons why one chooses to fly on a private plane.

  • Group travel makes it cost effective. A private jet’s cost is not based on the per person occupancy, but the plane as a whole. The price is the same if one person or 10 people travel on it. Hence, if you go in a group, the cost is divided.
  • Some jets can fly faster than a commercial plane, and it helps in getting to destinations earlier. Plus, other considerations like no queues, quick luggage loading save the traveler’s time. There is hardly any waiting time on ground or lines for security.
  • You can control your schedule through a private jet. You can choose to be at one place for breakfast and another for dinner if you wish so.
  • Private planes offer you more comfort and take care of your needs. Beds, televisions, conference rooms are often included in certain jets used for business.
  • These planes provide you privacy, as you can arrive at your terminal and get into the plane without anyone seeing you. Celebrities often travel this way as it reduces hassles for them.

Flying on a private jet maximizes efficiency and is great for people who do not want to be seen too much in public. It is amazing for travel as you are in total control and the crew to customer ratio is small. All the traveler’s needs are considered and catered too as well.