Tips to Improve Your Winery’s Search Ranking Through SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

If you have a question that needs to be answered or a problem that needs to be solved, just ask a search engine. Search engines such as Google make use of algorithms or spiders that can crawl along a web page and discover the content you are looking for.

This information gets indexed in a database for further analysis that checks for numerous parameters such as new content, backlink, traffic, and domain age that can determine whether your website is of any value or not. Finally, the web pages are ranked in order as per the usefulness of their information, allowing the search engine to display only those results that are most relevant for every individual search.

Wineries need a boost to get noticed onlineThe very purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to improve site rankings in search results. This is a complex process that is always in a state of change. There was a time when SEO was all about keywords, but today, it is more about relevance. SEO is something that often leaves many business owners, particularly small businesses, totally stumped.

Experts believe that this uncertainty is down to the belief that SEO can be achieved only with complex technological knowledge and the ability to code at high levels.

If you have a winery that is not doing well in the search rankings, you can turn things around using some professional assistance with digital marketing and SEO for wineries.

However, there are some things you can just as well do on your own to give your winery a better ranking in the search engine results. Here are some tips that could be useful.

Create an account of Google My Business:

This is a free site and will automatically connect you to the Google Maps and Search pages. Add information such as what makes your winery special, types of wines you offer, website links and images, hours of operation, contact details and business address for better search outcomes.

List yourself on other online directories:

You can give your winery an online presence on numerous sites with many directories giving the option of free listings besides additional paid features. Ensure that all your information is accurate so that your winery is highlighted the best way possible. List yourself on as many sites as possible in order to give your winery maximum visibility.

Enhance the online business listings:

Providing basic information about your winery is a good place to start, but you need to add pictures and put up “about us” descriptions if you really wish to make an impact online. Mention how you are different from the rest and link to your social media sites for better results.

Keep your site optimized for mobile devices:

Google has a search algorithm that gives preference to mobile-friendly sites to generate more traffic through tablets and phones. If your website is not mobile-friendly, chances are you will not show up on a mobile search result at all, Visitors to your website from a mobile device should find it easy to read the content and view the images properly.

Offer new content for the visitors:

Keeping your website updated with fresh content will be like food for the spider to visit your website often and check that everything you have put up is properly indexed. Have a business blog to achieve this target. Do you know of ways in which you can help solve critical problems for your customers? Write about them and put it up on your blog. Add some variety to the content with videos and infographics to get better search results.

Dedicate time to social media:

If you want to develop strong business relationships with wine lovers and bring more traffic to your website, utilize the potential of social networking channels in winery with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The tweets and posts can be picked up by Google and establish your authority as someone who shares useful and relevant content. Treat the social channels as separate information sources and avoid repeating posts that you have just put up on the blog so that readers get some worth out of the new content.

Create backlinks to your site:

Get on top of your backlinking strategyBacklinks are no more than simple incoming hyperlinks that take you from one web page to another. If you are creating a new social media post, put in a link to a relevant page on your website such as the wine list page. While sending out email newsletters, put links to pages such as events calendar, contact us, About Us, and any other that may be relevant to your business.

If you are creating a new blog post, link back to the previous posts or site pages that can support your story and provide the reader with more information. In case your area has complementary businesses, you can ask them to link their business website to your winery. Ensure you return the favor to make it mutually beneficial.

Ask users to give you online reviews:

Reviews usually form part of business listings and are available on social media. They are effectively content that others are creating about your business and this gives a leg-up to your visibility on local SEO. Also, research states that 86% of consumers get influenced by online reviews.

What other people have experienced at your winery will carry weight with those looking for a great winery online. You can hold contests such as best review to incentivize the idea of writing reviews and encourage the customers to give feedback on their experience at your winery.

Last but Not Least, Be Patient:

While these tips will bring about an improvement to the results of your search ranking, it would be a little farfetched to think that your winery will make it to the first page of Google searches overnight. SEO done right and done properly takes time to produce necessary results, so it is important that you stay relaxed and continue with the SEO process.

Don’t be afraid of implementing SEO for your business – big or small. Remember, it is not rocket science. Sure, you will need to invest time into the process – and money, if you are going with a professional agency – but the end results will be worth it, and you will soon be thanking yourself for taking this step in the right direction.