Why You Should Wear Your Wedding Ring Always

One of the essential parts of the wedding ceremony and the marriage itself is the wedding ring. It may look just a simple ring, but it holds a significant symbolism in the union of a husband and wife.

exchange of wedding vows followed by giving of ringsThe incorporation of the wedding rings in the wedding has been around since a long time ago, older than any of us. This romantic band symbolizes love through time, the devotion, and agreement between the husband and wife that they will love and cherish each other until they die. Not only will it be a reminder of the fun at the reception with a live band from Around Town Entertainment, but it is a token of commitment and union.

Despite being in a modern age, it is still important that both husband and wife are wearing their wedding rings at all times. Here are the top reasons why:

1. It shows your commitment and devotion.

When you are wearing your wedding ring, it shows the world that you are lovingly committed to your spouse, and you are proud of it. Wearing this ring in public indicates that you value your husband or your wife and the sanctity of your marriage. Let us face it, when you first meet someone, often the first time they will look at or look for is if there is already a ring on your finger. When they see that you are not wearing a wedding ring, then it can make them assume that you are free to mingle. Thru the wedding ring, it can give a message that you are already taken without even having to say it out loud.

2. It serves as a reminder of your commitment.

celebrating your commitmentEven if you are alone or you are not going out, it is still important that you wear your wedding ring because it will help remind you that your life is not your own anymore. All the decisions you will make and all the steps you will take, you always have to think about your spouse. You are not any more responsible for yourself. You are also responsible for your partner now.

3. It keeps you connected to your spouse.

A wedding ring is a very important band that bonds two people together in marriage. This ring, although tangible, holds a visual symbol of you and your spouse’s promises to each other that you will love, serve, and honor each other till death do you part. So even if you and your spouse are not together, the wedding ring can remind you of your constant connection even if you are apart.