Best Ways to Remove Acne

Tired of the annoying zits popping on your beautiful face? Well, who wouldn’t? Acne has been a serious dilemma of most people especially those born with oily faces. Hormonal changes, overactive oil glands, and blockage of the skin pores are the usual cause of breakouts.

Creams & Laser

Using laser to treat acneThere are various treatments available to help remove these unwanted marks on the face, but you have to make sure that they’re safe for your skin before you try them on. One of the most usual ways that most people do is to treat the acne by putting creams or lotions on the infected parts. While this may be effective for some people, it could also pose some dangers to some especially if they have a very sensitive skin. It’s best to consult your skin specialist first before you try putting on those creams and lotions just to be safe.

Another way to treat acne is to undergo acne laser treatment. While this method might be highly useful, it surely costs more since advanced technology is already involved in this process. If you have enough moolah you’re willing to shell out just to treat your acne problem; then this method might work best for you.

Natural Remedies

There are also home remedies available for acne treatment. One of them is by using water, lemon juice, raw honey, milk, and orange peel, and nutmeg. For one, you can try grinding nutmeg and mix it with unboiled milk and apply it on your pimples and keep them on for 1-2 hours. Another way is to grate some orange peel and place them in water and then apply them on your pimples to dry them out. Using Korean cosmetics can also be considered as a natural remedy, since these are approved to be hypoallergenic:  You can find other home remedies for your acne on the internet, and you just need to know which one would work best for you and which is safe for your skin as well.

When you have acne or a pimple, make sure that you don’t touch them too much especially if your hand are dirty. The dirt on your hands would just help spread the virus, and it will just make the acne problem worse. Remember to clean your face at least 2-3 times a day with mild soap or acne cleanser which does not contain harsh chemicals.

Although you can find surefire ways to treat or remove acne, it is always best to go back to the basics when it comes to these skin problems. Meaning, you need to make some necessary changes to the way you live your life. Reduce stress, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and have enough sleep every day. This will not only make your skin healthy, but it would also make you feel good inside and out.