Avoid Getting Blisters from Brand New Shoes

I HATE BLISTERS! Especially when you love the shoes. But there are several ways to prevent getting blisters on your new shoes to establish a more comfy fit:

  • Blisters are often painful for women who wear high heelsBreak them in by walking short distances (in the house)
  • ALWAYS wear socks
  • Make sure the shoes aren’t too lose when purchasing them
  • Never run in new shoes within the first three weeks
  • Avoid jumping/busy activity (unless they’re athletic shoes)
  • If blistering does occur, use a blister pad (small cushion that fits on the back of the shoe)
  • Use shoe pads that stick to the back of the shoe and prevent heel rubbing
  • Tie the shoes. Tucking the strings under the tongue isn’t a good idea if you have loose shoes that you know will slide

And, if all else fails, you can always just get a different shoe if nothing else works. Choosing and wearing shoes should be a fun experience, so why not try everything possible to keep it that way?