Sticking to a Healthy Eating Plan

Deciding to have a change in lifestyle does not always come easy. Oftentimes people find themselves forced by circumstances to wake up and make changes. These circumstances could either be sickness, alarming body weight or depression.

Healthy eating is a good way to get started on a healthier lifestyle. You can slowly start incorporating all the other healthy activities once you have your meals figured out. You should also remember that healthy eating does not mean eating boring and tasteless food. It only means being intentional with the portions in each meal and having a balanced diet.

The best way to make healthy eating your lifestyle is by coming up with a plan. You need to spell out everything you need to do in order to set yourself up for success. Think of all the excuses that would make you fall off and figure out what to do to avoid such situations.

Six tips to help you stick to your healthy eating plan

  1. Sticking to Healthier ChoicesShop for the week

It is very important for you to take time every week and note down everything you need and get them. Shopping for the week ensures that you are not left without food in your pantry or fridge after a few days. This is the best way to set yourself up for success mainly because whenever you feel hungry you’ll never luck something healthy to eat.

It also makes financial sense to shop for the week and to always have a set budget for the week.

  1. Meal plan and meal prep

Meal planning basically requires you to take some time and write down all your meals for the week. Knowing what you are going to be eating when makes it easier for one to stick to healthy eating for the long run. Don’t you just hate those moments when you have to ask yourself what should I cook today? This makes you feel overwhelmed and may lead to you making some unhealthy choices.

On the other hand, meal prepping means cooking all your meals at a go and storing them in your fridge or freezer. With this, all you need to do is reheat the food and eat it once hungry. This is the best way to go if you are busy during the week but can free up some time on the weekends. You can also rely on your personal chef for this. You can have him/her cook your meals and store them accordingly. This frees up your time and you don’t have to worry about failing on your journey.

  1. Have an accountability partner

Having someone or a group of people who can hold you to your word is motivation enough. Get yourself that one friend or just make your intentions public and track your progress by posting regular updates to a group associated with healthy eating. This makes you more inclined to carry through with your plan and avoid any thoughts of giving up.

Being part of a group will also give you the advantage in that you’ll get to find new recipe ideas and tips on making the journey easier. Surround yourself with like-minded people who won’t diminish your efforts to lead a healthier life.

  1. Set realistic goals

With all the situations that may lead to you deciding to eat healthier, you have to remember to be very realistic. Whether you are trying to lose weight, overcome depression and emotional eating you have to keep in mind that it won’t be solved in a day. Also, remember that eating healthy is not the magic button that will solve all your issues. However, it is definitely a step in the right direction.

By setting realistic goals you avoid the risk of feeling disappointed and going backward on your commitment. There is no better feeling than that of accomplishment but it all comes with time and a lot of effort. Take your time and understand that healthy eating is a lifestyle and you should continue on this path whether the desired results are evident or not.

  1. Keep and carry healthy snacks

Make sure to buy fruits, protein bars, and some nuts each time you go shopping. This is because they are healthy options and can easily be carried when you need to. This helps avoid the urge to eat out once that hunger kicks in. Having some healthy snacks will hold you p till you are able to get home and eat something more filling.

  1. Have healthy substitutes for your cravings

First and foremost you need to completely cleanse your house and remove all the unhealthy foods available. This is mainly because the junk food is a temptation and may hinder your progress. By getting rid of it you ensure that nothing will deter your progress.

Guilt-free substituteOnce this is done, you need to find healthier substitutes for your weaknesses. Get something that tricks your taste buds into believing they’ve had that unhealthy food that they want. This will ensure that you keep on your journey without going crazy and completely denying yourself the pleasure to satisfy your cravings. Remember that healthy eating does not have to be boring. It all depends on how you approach this new lifestyle.

It is evident that you can stick to a healthy diet provided you set your mind to it and take the necessary steps to ensure your success. However, in all this, you should remember that you are allowed to make mistakes as you learn. Don’t be too hard on yourself to avoid it being a tedious task.

Also, remember that whenever you indulge you’ll need to burn the extra calories off. Exercising and healthy eating complements each other quite well. To get the best results out of your healthy eating journey you also need to adopt other healthy habits. These habits could be meditating and journaling.

Take your time and allow yourself some room to make mistakes before you completely master what appeals to you. This will give you the chance to get your cooking skills sharpened at the same time help you develop the discipline required to see this through.

Tips to Improve Your Winery’s Search Ranking Through SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

If you have a question that needs to be answered or a problem that needs to be solved, just ask a search engine. Search engines such as Google make use of algorithms or spiders that can crawl along a web page and discover the content you are looking for.

This information gets indexed in a database for further analysis that checks for numerous parameters such as new content, backlink, traffic, and domain age that can determine whether your website is of any value or not. Finally, the web pages are ranked in order as per the usefulness of their information, allowing the search engine to display only those results that are most relevant for every individual search.

Wineries need a boost to get noticed onlineThe very purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to improve site rankings in search results. This is a complex process that is always in a state of change. There was a time when SEO was all about keywords, but today, it is more about relevance. SEO is something that often leaves many business owners, particularly small businesses, totally stumped.

Experts believe that this uncertainty is down to the belief that SEO can be achieved only with complex technological knowledge and the ability to code at high levels.

If you have a winery that is not doing well in the search rankings, you can turn things around using some professional assistance with digital marketing and SEO for wineries.

However, there are some things you can just as well do on your own to give your winery a better ranking in the search engine results. Here are some tips that could be useful.

Create an account of Google My Business:

This is a free site and will automatically connect you to the Google Maps and Search pages. Add information such as what makes your winery special, types of wines you offer, website links and images, hours of operation, contact details and business address for better search outcomes.

List yourself on other online directories:

You can give your winery an online presence on numerous sites with many directories giving the option of free listings besides additional paid features. Ensure that all your information is accurate so that your winery is highlighted the best way possible. List yourself on as many sites as possible in order to give your winery maximum visibility.

Enhance the online business listings:

Providing basic information about your winery is a good place to start, but you need to add pictures and put up “about us” descriptions if you really wish to make an impact online. Mention how you are different from the rest and link to your social media sites for better results.

Keep your site optimized for mobile devices:

Google has a search algorithm that gives preference to mobile-friendly sites to generate more traffic through tablets and phones. If your website is not mobile-friendly, chances are you will not show up on a mobile search result at all, Visitors to your website from a mobile device should find it easy to read the content and view the images properly.

Offer new content for the visitors:

Keeping your website updated with fresh content will be like food for the spider to visit your website often and check that everything you have put up is properly indexed. Have a business blog to achieve this target. Do you know of ways in which you can help solve critical problems for your customers? Write about them and put it up on your blog. Add some variety to the content with videos and infographics to get better search results.

Dedicate time to social media:

If you want to develop strong business relationships with wine lovers and bring more traffic to your website, utilize the potential of social networking channels in winery with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The tweets and posts can be picked up by Google and establish your authority as someone who shares useful and relevant content. Treat the social channels as separate information sources and avoid repeating posts that you have just put up on the blog so that readers get some worth out of the new content.

Create backlinks to your site:

Get on top of your backlinking strategyBacklinks are no more than simple incoming hyperlinks that take you from one web page to another. If you are creating a new social media post, put in a link to a relevant page on your website such as the wine list page. While sending out email newsletters, put links to pages such as events calendar, contact us, About Us, and any other that may be relevant to your business.

If you are creating a new blog post, link back to the previous posts or site pages that can support your story and provide the reader with more information. In case your area has complementary businesses, you can ask them to link their business website to your winery. Ensure you return the favor to make it mutually beneficial.

Ask users to give you online reviews:

Reviews usually form part of business listings and are available on social media. They are effectively content that others are creating about your business and this gives a leg-up to your visibility on local SEO. Also, research states that 86% of consumers get influenced by online reviews.

What other people have experienced at your winery will carry weight with those looking for a great winery online. You can hold contests such as best review to incentivize the idea of writing reviews and encourage the customers to give feedback on their experience at your winery.

Last but Not Least, Be Patient:

While these tips will bring about an improvement to the results of your search ranking, it would be a little farfetched to think that your winery will make it to the first page of Google searches overnight. SEO done right and done properly takes time to produce necessary results, so it is important that you stay relaxed and continue with the SEO process.

Don’t be afraid of implementing SEO for your business – big or small. Remember, it is not rocket science. Sure, you will need to invest time into the process – and money, if you are going with a professional agency – but the end results will be worth it, and you will soon be thanking yourself for taking this step in the right direction.

Using Essential Oils for Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica may be an unfamiliar term for some. But it is actually used to describe the symptoms of leg pain which starts in the lower back. And moving to the butt, going down the large sciatic nerve located at the back of the leg. The first sign of this leg pain could still be bearable but overtime, the pain could get worse. Most aging people experience this kind of pain, and most often, it is unbearable. Pains usually are culprits of hazardous falls that might lead to death.  Thus, there are a lot of ways found to treat this leg pain. Some methods available to treat Sciatica nerve pain include putting on an ice pack on the butt, using the heating pad, placing on herbal products on the aching part, acupuncture, massage and putting on herbal infused oils.

Lower back pain extending below the legNatural Relief from Oils

While these methods could be a right way for sciatica pain relief, another efficient way to treat sciatica nerve pain is by using essential oils. These essential oils are different from the herbal infused oils. Essential oils are the pure volatile oil of the plant obtained through a distillation process. Since essential oils come from organic sources, this will benefit seniors who suffer from sciatica.

Essential oils have a lot of uses than you could imagine. You can use it as cleaning aid for the house like an all-purpose cleaner, for cleaning burnt pans, cleaning the carpet, eliminate molds, bathtub scrub, for cleaning the fridge, and even to kill pests. Essential oils are also perfect in maintaining the pleasant smell of the house.

Calming the Pain

Aside from the above mentioned, essential oils also aid in improving sleep since it can alleviate insomnia. It can also be used as lip balm, body butter lotion, and to relieve tension and for immediate relaxation.

When it comes to treating severe health conditions, you can also rely on essential oils to aid in the treatment. These essential oils support the body during chemotherapy and radiation treatment to minimize the after-effect damage of these procedures to the skin and vital organs.

Living the free from sciaticaOn that note, you can very well rely that essential oils are also a surefire way for sciatica treatment and to promote sciatica pain relief. The calming features of these oils could very well untangle the stressed muscles of the leg. And thus heal it from the pain. There are essential oils you can use for relieving muscle pains while there are some who can help bring the swelling down and increase circulation. Some essential oils also help in soothing the whole body and spirit, making the pain less evident.

Exclusive Vacations and Luxury Travel for the Wealthy

Vacations are something that everyone looks forward to. A week or a few days of adventure, fun, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Generally, we plan for a vacation well before, so we can grab good deals at a lower price. Even taking time off for a holiday is considered a luxury.

For common people, a vacation entails transport to get to a particular destination and then begins the real holiday with sightseeing and food. Buy the uber-rich vacation differently; they vacation in style. Everything from travel to accommodation and food to experiences is a part of the vacation where a lot of time is spent on the planning.

An article, published in the Forbes magazine mentioned that wealthy people tend to take experiential vacations. The whole package is an experience and can be expensive, as expensive as $42000 per person for an expedition in Antarctica. Of course, this would entail the best experience and accommodations money can buy.

Travel in luxuryWhat do the Ultra Rich look for in a Vacation?


The rich and famous or just the rich seek privacy when they go on vacations. For example, a normal person might love cruises, but the wealthy will just hire a private yacht. They would prefer large, secluded villas to a luxury hotel. These options can provide a lot of privacy and come with style and luxury.

Private chateaus or yachts can cost quite a lot with chefs, valets, and housekeepers to keep the guest satisfied. Even a private island with full service is something that is usual.


Wealthy individuals seek an experience to remember on vacation. The experience can be anything like a trip to space, yes that is true, testing high-performance, limited edition cars or flying MIG fighter jets in Russia that can cost up to $25,000 for a 45-minute ride. Experiencing something exclusive is all that matters.


A personal and private tour of an extremely popular, crowded place or an event at a place that is closed to the public. This what the rich look for in vacations. Normally, people wait in queues to see something that is a big tourist attraction. But you don’t have to do that if you have the dough.

Hassle Free Scheduling

One of the important reasons why smart people don’t like wasting time because for many time is money. Some of them need to travel frequently and cannot wait for the scheduled airline departure time. That’s’ where the private jets and charter plane services play a vital role. Saving you extra time and letting you set your schedule and destination.

New Trend: Private Jet Tours

There is a new trend wherein companies provide vacation packages that are personalized and includes complete travel by a private jet. The wealthy can go on a vacation on a state of the art aircraft that is exclusively at their disposal.

The plane can come with a chef, gourmet food, personal iPads, flatbed seats or beds and an efficient crew that takes care of all your needs. The travel companies provide the best accommodations, food, and sightseeing for their customers.

Private Jet Tour in New York

If you have had your experience of exploring New York city via road and want to fly around the city in a private jet, many private jet companies based in New York provides you personalized holidays at an affordable price. Taking small groups on exclusive tours and vacations to places that have limited access. Get ready for some city hopping with the breathtaking view of your city in all comfort and safety.

Most of the companies cover the pre-existing medical conditions under their Guest Protection Program and also help the travelers in getting the right documents for their travel. All the necessary guidelines on the clothing you need to wear is given to you along with providing services that send your luggage before you for convenience are part of your luxury flight in the charter to New York.

Seattle Private Jet Tours

If you want to see Mt. Rainier face to face and fly past the downtown waterfront across the Seattle’s sky-high buildings, flying in a charter plane would be your best bet to get that perfect click of Space Needle and lake Washington. Allow yourself to explore the city in luxury with private jet experience. There are plenty of private jet companies in Seattle offering excursions in and around the Seattle in light, mid-range to large aircraft.

Private Jet Experience in Dallas

While looking for a luxury flying experience and hassle-free scheduling, private jets serve the purpose at best. Services like the door to door luggage pick up, a physician on the journey, an onboard chef and 5-star dining, all come included in such an experience.

If you have been planning your visit to Dallas, Texas, city-based companies like Million Air Dallas, Jet Linx, etc., are some of the well-known names in the private charter line of business. They have a team of local experts that work to make your journey memorable and suites in hotels that are the best in business.

Comfort and style inside a Boeing business jetReasons to fly on a Private Jet

Aside from vacations, private jets are good for traveling in general, especially when the time is money. A private plane charter may be a bit expensive, but it allows you the flexibility to travel and saves on time. Book yourself a private plan charter to Seattle, Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles anytime, anywhere with the added convenience of scheduling, luggage, and private flying. Following are the reasons why one chooses to fly on a private plane.

  • Group travel makes it cost effective. A private jet’s cost is not based on the per person occupancy, but the plane as a whole. The price is the same if one person or 10 people travel on it. Hence, if you go in a group, the cost is divided.
  • Some jets can fly faster than a commercial plane, and it helps in getting to destinations earlier. Plus, other considerations like no queues, quick luggage loading save the traveler’s time. There is hardly any waiting time on ground or lines for security.
  • You can control your schedule through a private jet. You can choose to be at one place for breakfast and another for dinner if you wish so.
  • Private planes offer you more comfort and take care of your needs. Beds, televisions, conference rooms are often included in certain jets used for business.
  • These planes provide you privacy, as you can arrive at your terminal and get into the plane without anyone seeing you. Celebrities often travel this way as it reduces hassles for them.

Flying on a private jet maximizes efficiency and is great for people who do not want to be seen too much in public. It is amazing for travel as you are in total control and the crew to customer ratio is small. All the traveler’s needs are considered and catered too as well.




Is Colon Cleansing Essential for the Health?

Colon cleansing is vital for the body if you want to live longer and you care for your body enough.

Colon removes human body wasteWe all know that colon is a vital part of the body. There is even a saying that states that if you have a clean and functional colon, you have a healthy body. It is because the colon is an organ the affects all other body organs directly and indirectly. If the colon is blocked, clogged, or it has many wastes that can’t be removed from the body, it affects the liver, and it won’t be able to function correctly. Eventually, as the liver malfunctions, the kidney will suffer, and the chain reaction from all body organs goes on.

Colon Problems

Many factors contribute to the weakening of the colon. Poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle primary cause colon malfunction. Eating too much pork or consuming too much protein could bring a huge disaster for our colons since excessive protein could cause acidity in the body. When there’s an excess of acid in the body, it dramatically affects the colon since it reduces the essential minerals and electrolytes in the body. Hence, the colon will be unable to tackle damaging bacteria and toxins. Gluten-free diet has been identified to be beneficial to the colon. You can check out MBSF’s gluten-free meal delivery services recommendation, if you want to try this regimen.

Gluten free diet benefits the colonOur environment also poses a significant threat to our colon since we are always exposed to secondary smoking, pollution, pesticides, harmful chemicals, and many others. Our immune system becomes weaker and weaker because of these dangerous elements, and it has to work hard to get rid of these harmful chemicals. When the immune system gets weak, the colon gets weak, too.

With all these serious threats to our health surrounding us, it is really of high importance that we get our colon cleansed. It is necessary to help our body get rid of the toxins that we got due poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and polluted environment. These toxins make it hard for our colon to function properly, resulting in severe illness if not given proper attention.

Waste Buildup

If you’re thinking of cleaning other organs in your body, you must start with the colon since if but can’t do its job correctly, the toxins you’re trying to drive away by cleansing your body organs would eventually return to your body and might even cause more trouble.

The primary purpose of colon cleansing is to rinse your colon from built-up wastes which are stored in your digestive system due by rehydrating old stool that has become jolted. This treatment mostly makes use of water to permeate hardened stool and loosen it up so that it can be passed more easily. Colon cleansing is essential especially for the digestive organs so that they can do their jobs well. When the digestive organs are clogged with toxins and harmful bacteria, they cannot function well, and it can get in the way of regular bowel functions.

Avoid Getting Blisters from Brand New Shoes

I HATE BLISTERS! Especially when you love the shoes. But there are several ways to prevent getting blisters on your new shoes to establish a more comfy fit:

  • Blisters are often painful for women who wear high heelsBreak them in by walking short distances (in the house)
  • ALWAYS wear socks
  • Make sure the shoes aren’t too lose when purchasing them
  • Never run in new shoes within the first three weeks
  • Avoid jumping/busy activity (unless they’re athletic shoes)
  • If blistering does occur, use a blister pad (small cushion that fits on the back of the shoe)
  • Use shoe pads that stick to the back of the shoe and prevent heel rubbing
  • Tie the shoes. Tucking the strings under the tongue isn’t a good idea if you have loose shoes that you know will slide

And, if all else fails, you can always just get a different shoe if nothing else works. Choosing and wearing shoes should be a fun experience, so why not try everything possible to keep it that way?

Best Ways to Remove Acne

Tired of the annoying zits popping on your beautiful face? Well, who wouldn’t? Acne has been a serious dilemma of most people especially those born with oily faces. Hormonal changes, overactive oil glands, and blockage of the skin pores are the usual cause of breakouts.

Creams & Laser

Using laser to treat acneThere are various treatments available to help remove these unwanted marks on the face, but you have to make sure that they’re safe for your skin before you try them on. One of the most usual ways that most people do is to treat the acne by putting creams or lotions on the infected parts. While this may be effective for some people, it could also pose some dangers to some especially if they have a very sensitive skin. It’s best to consult your skin specialist first before you try putting on those creams and lotions just to be safe.

Another way to treat acne is to undergo acne laser treatment. While this method might be highly useful, it surely costs more since advanced technology is already involved in this process. If you have enough moolah you’re willing to shell out just to treat your acne problem; then this method might work best for you.

Natural Remedies

There are also home remedies available for acne treatment. One of them is by using water, lemon juice, raw honey, milk, and orange peel, and nutmeg. For one, you can try grinding nutmeg and mix it with unboiled milk and apply it on your pimples and keep them on for 1-2 hours. Another way is to grate some orange peel and place them in water and then apply them on your pimples to dry them out. Using Korean cosmetics can also be considered as a natural remedy, since these are approved to be hypoallergenic:  You can find other home remedies for your acne on the internet, and you just need to know which one would work best for you and which is safe for your skin as well.

When you have acne or a pimple, make sure that you don’t touch them too much especially if your hand are dirty. The dirt on your hands would just help spread the virus, and it will just make the acne problem worse. Remember to clean your face at least 2-3 times a day with mild soap or acne cleanser which does not contain harsh chemicals.

Although you can find surefire ways to treat or remove acne, it is always best to go back to the basics when it comes to these skin problems. Meaning, you need to make some necessary changes to the way you live your life. Reduce stress, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and have enough sleep every day. This will not only make your skin healthy, but it would also make you feel good inside and out.

Why You Should Wear Your Wedding Ring Always

One of the essential parts of the wedding ceremony and the marriage itself is the wedding ring. It may look just a simple ring, but it holds a significant symbolism in the union of a husband and wife.

exchange of wedding vows followed by giving of ringsThe incorporation of the wedding rings in the wedding has been around since a long time ago, older than any of us. This romantic band symbolizes love through time, the devotion, and agreement between the husband and wife that they will love and cherish each other until they die. Not only will it be a reminder of the fun at the reception with a live band from Around Town Entertainment, but it is a token of commitment and union.

Despite being in a modern age, it is still important that both husband and wife are wearing their wedding rings at all times. Here are the top reasons why:

1. It shows your commitment and devotion.

When you are wearing your wedding ring, it shows the world that you are lovingly committed to your spouse, and you are proud of it. Wearing this ring in public indicates that you value your husband or your wife and the sanctity of your marriage. Let us face it, when you first meet someone, often the first time they will look at or look for is if there is already a ring on your finger. When they see that you are not wearing a wedding ring, then it can make them assume that you are free to mingle. Thru the wedding ring, it can give a message that you are already taken without even having to say it out loud.

2. It serves as a reminder of your commitment.

celebrating your commitmentEven if you are alone or you are not going out, it is still important that you wear your wedding ring because it will help remind you that your life is not your own anymore. All the decisions you will make and all the steps you will take, you always have to think about your spouse. You are not any more responsible for yourself. You are also responsible for your partner now.

3. It keeps you connected to your spouse.

A wedding ring is a very important band that bonds two people together in marriage. This ring, although tangible, holds a visual symbol of you and your spouse’s promises to each other that you will love, serve, and honor each other till death do you part. So even if you and your spouse are not together, the wedding ring can remind you of your constant connection even if you are apart.

Get the Best Pampering Experience in a Day Spa

Vacations are meant to be enjoyable and relaxing. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case especially when museum browsing causes low back pain and aching feet. And for vacation shoppers, carrying tote bags, heavy purses, and backpacks can cause shoulders to throb and necks to stiffen. Part of every travel itinerary should include at least one spa visit.

Most day spa offer luxury pamperingChecking Out Day Spas

While arranging your trip, check online for day spas located in the cities you’ll be visiting. In larger cities such as New York, it’s better to review spas in a specific region such as Soho or midtown. Many day spas staff according to scheduled bookings, so it’s best to reserve your spa treatment ahead of time.

Comparing spas online can also give you a good idea of price ranges for spa services in the area. Hotel spas are usually an excellent choice but it’s always good to review spas at other hotels besides the one you’re staying in. Make your day spa visit a true adventure.

Trying Something New

Whether you’re a regular spa-goer or a novice, visiting a spa while on vacation can make your trip a certain success. Because signature treatments often rely on local organic ingredients or ethnic customs, day spas encountered during travel offer an opportunity to try new therapies. For instance, if you haven’t tried them before, vacations are a perfect time to try Ayurvedic or Chakra-based therapies.

Spa services in different cities also take the climate and local weather into account. Spa lounges provide an opportunity to try healthy seasonal favorite fruit drinks and local produce.


Travel delays and finding one’s way around in a new city can be stressful. Plan your spa visit for the second day of your trip after you have time to learn your way around.

It’s a good idea to arrive at least 30 minutes early for your spa visit, allowing ample time to shower and change. Spas with hot tubs or fitness centers allow clients with scheduled services use of these facilities. Spa visits late in the day are particularly enjoyable. Refreshed and rejuvenated, spa enthusiasts are more likely to order a healthy dinner and enjoy a good night’s sleep.


Today, day spas can be found in nearly every city. In spa towns, it’s not unusual for guests to spend 4 or more hours relaxing in the spa’s mineral springs. Many day spas boast of having several different mineral springs, all with different mineral content and specific properties.

In some areas surrounded by rural regions such as the Ojo Caliente Spa outside Santa Fe, luxury day spas may be an hour away but well worth the extra miles.

Unraveling Dieting Myths

The biggest myth of all connected with taking off those unwanted pounds – is that there’s one “reducing diet”, a regimen of exercise purported to be conducive to weight loss or dietary supplement/replacement that’s “guaranteed to work for everyone.”

For the same reason that each of us has a unique personality, each of us has a different body-type, a different bone-structure, and a different metabolism, which means that we each process the foods we eat at a slightly different speed than anyone else. What’s that reason? Well, for one thing, if we were all identical – in appearance, in personality and so on – we would have one more common thread among us: we’d all be bored silly with one another!

Keeping a low carb diet can keep the weight offThose differences do also mean, though, that what might be the ideal weight loss regimen for “the best-friend who has just texted you the details, while you were out grocery shopping” – may not help you take the weight off, at all. In fact, trying out “someone else’s ideal diet” might even do more harm than good. For this reason, apart from the few tips, I’ll be giving here, shortly, which will pretty much hold true – and work – for anyone trying them – the best way to start out a weight loss plan – is with a visit to a doctor, to talk things over.

As a person of small stature, at only five feet tall, with proportionately small hands and feet (my shoe size ranges from a girls’ size 4 to a women’s size 6, depending on the style and manufacturer’s sizing guidelines). I’ve always been very conscious of “excessive upswings in scale read-out,” like the weight gain that happens during a trip away from home, recovery from a broken leg – or a pregnancy – so that I am addressing this issue from personal experience. Trust me on this one; trying to carry fifty-six additional pounds – all positioned directly in front of you. At your body’s center-point – your “gut” – isn’t easy to pull off, when your foot is only a girls’ size 4. I spent the last two months of my pregnancy with my daughter walking with a cane, to prevent myself from falling forward and landing on my nose, every time I stood up!

It is NOT a myth that the later in the day you eat, the more likely you’ll be to retain the calories from that food – so that the food most likely to “stay with you, all the way to the scale, the next morning” – would be anything consumed before bed or, even more so, anything you “woke up, raided the refrigerator and ate”, during the night.